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This is the product launchpad for a forward thinking entrepreneur. Ideas take flight with Collinear Group. Whether you're nurturing a new concept, seeking a rapid prototype, or scaling a fledgling project, our team is your launchpad to success. With our proven framework and expert guidance, we'll turn your vision into reality. Some examples of what that looks like:

  • Initial Product Design - UX designers work with you to build out workflows, wireframes, and style guides for the product, coaxing ideas into existence. A virtual CTO helps pitch your product to investors using these design assets to communicate product vision and close funding.

  • Minimum Viable Product Development – Collinear consultants help build your product backlog and roadmap based on the product vision. A team of full-stack developers build the initial launch product, allowing for revenue generation.



Now as a seasoned innovator, your product is off the ground but you may need help executing on your ever-expanding product backlog. In the realm of established practices and existing systems, growth can feel daunting. But fear not—Collinear Group specializes in navigating the complexities of executing on new ideas and features. Our curated suite of solutions is tailored to your unique challenges, ensuring seamless integration and future success. An example of what this looks like:

  • Flexible Dev Team – Using a combination of onshore and offshore resources, we provide a cost effective team that is ready to hit the ground running. We scale the team as needed, bringing the right resources in at the right time based on project needs. Our resource mix might consist of full time DevOps, UX Design, and BA/Product Management up front and then change to 3 Full Stack Devs and a QA resource later on as the project enters the execution phase. You fund what you need, when you need it.



The enterprise-ready engagement is all about protecting your investment. Our engagement model is designed for enterprise readiness. We integrate directly with your team, sharing our expertise and knowledge every step of the way. When our engagement ends, you'll not only have achieved your goals but also internalized the expertise needed to propel your organization forward. Ready to embark on your journey to scale? A few examples of what this might look like:

  • Security Audit - Security certified (CISSP) experts provide guidance and implementation of effective security controls for aircraft critical functions, including the aircraft control domain, air to ground connectivity and ground support infrastructure.

  • Codebase Hardening - Seasoned software engineers refactor complex problematic Python and C# processes, optimizing codebase to better enable horizontal scaling, meeting your performance targets in production.

  • Platform Orchestration and Optimization – DevOps engineers build a containerized toolset to support your existing project and deploy automation that allows for scaling processes based on customer workload demands while optimizing backend cost.

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Established practices. New ideas. Rapidly growing business. A maze of red tape. We can help navigate it all.

Collinear Group has the Max Q community which is a cohort of start-ups, founders, mentors and tech enthusiasts that empower and support each other from idea to product. Have a quick question or need extensive help? We bring our expert guidance to bear, helping make your operation more efficient, saving both time and money. Proven methods of integrating directly with your team, so when the engagement ends you leave with internalized knowledge and expertise. A wide network of cost effective experts to make sure your goals are realized.

You can join the community for networking and discussion or we can hop in to help drive results. ​We thrive in working under whatever model works best for you. We can work seamlessly with your team, adopting email addresses, LinkedIn profiles and performing daily activities to support your vision. Have a project you just want to carve off and ship to us for implementation? We do that too. ​Together we build your product idea. ​ A few areas we excel in supporting your venture:


  • Marketing and PR Support

  • Recruiting

  • Full-Stack Software Development

  • Product Design
    Sales Operations

  • Engineering

  • DevOps/SRE

  • Security

  • Airworthiness and Certification

  • Digital Manufacturing

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