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For highly regulated industries challenged by technology’s speed of change and increasing choice, Collinear Group weaves culture of innovation into a digital thread to connect the entire product lifecycle.


How do we do it? From the strategic to the tactical, Collinear Group offers a wide range of consulting and professional services to support your organization’s critical operations and deliver guidance, resources, systems, and solutions for your business challenges. We partner with our clients to develop engaging business strategies, design high quality and scalable solutions and create actionable initiatives to transform, drive growth, adapt to change, and create value.


Digital Engineering

Aerospace is vast, complex and highly regulated, which can affect your ability to compete in a fast-changing world. Now your people, processes, and technology can be connected to optimize how your products and solutions are engineered. We start by unlocking data trapped in disparate systems, making it easily accessible and usable for those running your most important business processes. Then you can benefit more with smart tools across the full product lifecycle.


Our expertise includes Model Based Systems Engineering, digital twins, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. And we are continually developing methods to help clients meet new challenges and become more agile for the future.

  •  Custom Web Application Development 

  • Model Based Systems Engineering

  • Back End Service Integration  

  • Data Management and Warehousing 

  • Cloud-Native Solutions

  • User-Centered Design
    & Advanced Data Visualization  


Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturing executives want higher throughput, lower cost, and improved quality. Frontline teams want the latest innovations to turn insights into action. Industry 4.0 is ready to keep the digital thread of your data flowing to help everyone make smart decisions in real time, operate effectively, and improve product quality.


We offer advanced production system design and prototyping, real-time performance monitoring and data analytics, advanced manufacturing equipment and tooling, and smart sensors for intelligent supply chains. All to drive your business forward and upward.

  •  Industry 4.0  

  • Product Lifecycle Management 

  • Industrial IoT  

  •  Real-time Location Services (RTLS)   

  • Virtual Prototyping 

  • MES integration  

Collinear Group partners in the Industry 4.0 domain include Ubisense Limited and Stottler Henke Associates.  


Airworthiness & Certification

Airworthiness certification is difficult because product lifecycle rigor needs to be extremely high. Plus, complex regulations and aircraft systems continually change. We deliver forward-leaning planning, requirements and product design based on years of successful engagements.


This includes developing robust plans to help OEMs and suppliers deliver certifiable systems, generate conformity reports, and produce test plans. All in support of both Type Certificates and Supplemental efforts. The depth and breadth of our industry experience ensures you benefit from a unique perspective to advise or manage your airworthiness certification effort.

  •  Compliance   

  • DO-160G, DO-178C

  • Configuration management  

  •  Certification Plans   

  • DER/DAR/I-UM/UM services

  • STC & TC  


Digital Aviation

Too many digital transformation efforts fail. You need a clear plan with best-of-breed technology to achieve your desired return on investment and improved operational efficiency. Whether leveraging the most out of your analytics, deploying new sensors for data acquisition, or providing options to solve new problems, we help you execute critical airborne and ground-based solutions. 


Each step is designed to increase your technical capabilities and create organizational structures for long-term success. Every initiative brings an enterprise-wide perspective that supports your business priorities and keeps your operations at the center.

  •  Customized Digital Operations   

  • Meshed Data Transformations 

  • Data Acquisition & Analytics  

  •  Tailored Digital Transformation   

  • Integrated Vehicle Health Management 

  • Operational & Maintenance Solutions  


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