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Innovation & Technology

Warehouse Robot

Production-proven development teams.

Tried and true processes from decades of experience. We help companies get an idea started and prototypes into production.

You have the idea. You have the goals. You have the plan. We help make it reality.

A network of experts at the ready.

Our Thesis

Open innovation: This type of innovation involves collaborating with external partners, such as customers, suppliers, or even competitors, to co-create new products, services, or processes. It can lead to greater creativity, faster time to market, and reduced risk


Product Launchpad

Ideas realized.

It all starts here. Have an awesome new idea that you are looking to get off the ground? Need a quick prototype to vet the market? Have an internal project lacking the resources or know-how to get going? How about a fledgling prototype suddenly finding an urgent need to scale? We are here to help.

A proven framework for starting.

CGX Labs brings the right mix of experience to help you get off the ground. Our team of  experts know how to assemble the magic recipe to get you poised for launch.

Put your idea in motion.

Above the Clouds

Operational Orbit

Established practices. New ideas. A long history of existing systems to integrate with and build on top of. Not every project starts blissfully greenfield. We get it.

A curated suite of solutions as unique as your challenges.

We bring our expert guidance to bear, helping to find the right approach and solution given your unique set of constraints. Proven methods of integrating directly with your team, so when the engagement ends you leave with internalized knowledge and expertise. Deep expertise in navigating the not-so-desirable now, resulting in realized future goals.

Enterprise ready engagement model.


Lets start a conversation

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