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Meet our team of dedicated and hard-working professionals

Beginning with a small group of hand-picked professionals, Collinear Group began serving our clients in 2012. Our founders believed that business success comes when you align your culture, people, and client success. Taking on the most challenging and complex problems from our clients, we quickly began delivering functional solutions and exceptional results. Driving successful results for our clients has fueled Collinear Group's success and both our client base and team of experts have grown steadily.


Collinear Group embraces a culture driven business model. We align our internal values of service, excellence and people to influence who we are as an organization and how we approach working with our clients. 


Our team members have a genuine interest in the work they do and make client satisfaction their personal responsibility. As senior level consultants and subject matter experts, we bring the perfect blend of conventional wisdom and out-of-the-box thinking to all of our client engagements.


A focus on service and excellence to our clients and to each other drives our entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. We provide a framework for success by offering excellent benefits and compensation within a culture of camaraderie, care, respect and fun.

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