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Driving solutions that make a measurable difference


Collinear Group’s core company value is establishing a relationship of trust through honest, transparent and frequent communication with each and every one of our clients.


Core capabilities include: aerospace systems engineering, software engineering development, program management, applied analytics, and project management. Our team of 100 industry experts currently support a breadth of activity on commercial and military platforms, including 787, 777X, KC-46 and MH-139.­


Minimizing the Impact of Workflow Disruptions


Navigating New Territory in Certification Standards


Applying Industry Knowledge to Uncover New Opportunities


Breaking Down Silos to

Improve Collaboration

Digital Manufacturng



Our customer builds large, complex, highly integrated equipment. Every day there are disruptions to the production plan. Components arrive late from suppliers, tasks start behind schedule, and designs change. These disruptions have ripple effects through the build process that often goes unaccounted for in recovery plans. 


Collinear Group formed a team of industry experts and developed production models (Digital Twins) that defined each job's relationships and other key constraint attributes and key build milestones and customer deliverables. Collinear Group built an integrated digital tool that makes maintenance and improvement of production models easier, more sustainable, and scalable and easier to consume for first-line leaders and factory executives to better manage the production system. The suite includes three dedicated web applications that share a robust data architecture leveraging modern development best practices. 


Now first-line leaders can see what jobs are impacted by disruptions before they cause problems in their work areas. Their teams can coordinate to unblock tasks identified by the precedence network to impact critical milestones. This ability to prioritize and focus on crucial jobs helps improve delivery performance, reduce overtime expenses, and improves product quality.

Airworthiness & Certification



Collinear Group was asked to provide certification support, which included writing certification plans and working with the customer's Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) to obtain an FAA Part 25 Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for a military aircraft. A military aircraft had not previously been certified to these standards and many complex processes were not defined to obtain this type of certification. 

Collinear Group initially provided a small team of certification experts and worked closely with the customer and FAA to define the standards and processes to achieve this approval. The team blazed the trail and became a trusted agent with a non-biased approach. The customer and supplier realized that Collinear Group was able to provide additional support to both the customer and supplier for equipment management, the creation of certification procedures and reports, conformity management and Unit Members (UMs) coordination. 

Collinear Group was asked to mentor the customer's engineers and lead customer teams to ensure the project was successfully approved and became embedded into the customer's leadership group. The support we provided led to Collinear Group being recommended to support several other complex certification projects and help advise the customer and suppliers on how to put the right foundational processes and structure in place to be successful.

Digital Aviation



While working with a client on the development of a new aviation related analytics tool, one of our senior consultants saw and acted upon a unique opportunity.  The tool was and is focused on leveraging real-time data to both monitor and predict conditions which can impact airplane serviceability. Tapping into his previous experience in flight operations, our consultant saw that there was an opportunity to leverage the new platform and data model to also monitor fuel consumption and variations, which contribute to fuel consumption. Fuel is the number two cost for airlines after labor. It is approximately 18% of the operational costs for airlines and a major factor in profitability. 


Our consultant led the concept design and product management of this effort, which used other technology and intellectual property owned by the customer to seamlessly create a new set of valuable capabilities. This new and industry-leading capability was tailored to a new set of users and resulted in an entirely new commercial offering which is still in use today.



Our customer was struggling to manage organization and governance of its large portfolio of projects without the right tools in place to view the business in a holistic way. Without adequate, high level visibility, duplication of similar efforts across the company had become common. Understanding how working level projects aligned to the overall business strategies and objectives was blurred at best. Lacking one common solution, various business units had developed a silo mentality and created their own individual tools and processes out of necessity. Available off-the-shelf software applications were either too heavy and required complex configuration and end-user training, or they did not have the right feature set to mirror the organizational structure and business processes in an intuitive, usable way.


Creating a single data source to manage portfolios and their components was essential to improve efficiency, avoid costly duplication of efforts, and reduce operating costs. Working closely with the user community, a small Collinear team built and deployed a custom web-based solution that truly helps people with their daily activities and empowers leaders to make sound, data-driven decisions. This collaborative effort produced a system that reflects the structure and processes of the organization and provides insight into the critical portfolio management aspects of who, when, how much and perhaps most importantly, why.


The needs of many personas are satisfied from this single system. Decision makers know where to find critical data and have access to details on demand. Project Managers can keep summary level schedules and project details, while Portfolio Managers can see and predict upcoming return on investment and integration opportunities as work progresses. Processes were streamlined and are now more universal amongst the different groups and departments helping to combat the previous silo mentality. Collaboration opportunities are now easier to identify and act upon since projects and ideas across the business can be viewed by all.


In addition to our quality work that we have done with our clients, we have also created projects which are available to the open-source community.

  • License Validator – Validate all Node.js dependencies to check that their licenses fit an organization's approved licenses.

  • Dashboard – A dashboard for display showing available conference rooms, announcements, and company pictures.

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