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Sustainable aircraft through the prism of digital aviation – what are the key levers?

Digital Aviation

“That material efficiency can be realised through the deft use of data and insights is no longer in debate. In the 15 – 20 years we’ve gone from the simple digitisation of paper documents, to online delivery, to ubiquitous delivery of robust analytics-powered insights at the point of use. At this point in the journey, it’s a matter of degree, and boils down to return on investments."

What we commonly call “digital aviation” can be distilled down to this: Knowledge or insights embodied and delivered via software on, at or about an aircraft, to deliver value to aircraft operations. By its very nature digital aviation is multi-disciplined. It flows from engineering and analytics, to the realm of IT, to the asset itself, and finally has to make sense to someone’s job within the operational realm. This is why a focused, multi-disciplined, physical instantiation of digital aviation such as that at Cranfield University’s DARTeC facility is an important vehicle to move us to the next chapter.


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